City of Dewitt

City of DeWitt Police Department

Department Information

The City of DeWitt operates a 24-hour Police Department with a staff that includes both full-time and part-time officers. The DeWitt City Police Department serves a growing population of 4,800 people located just 6 miles north of Michigan’s capital city, Lansing.

Our Department is proud of the community-oriented policing we have adopted to serve our city and our citizens. We work hard to create a level of trust with our residents, schools, and businesses to ensure that our city remains a safe place for everyone to visit, work, and live. We work hard to provide a department that provides an unbiased and just environment that allows all of our residents to feel safe and secure.

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Contact Information

Police Department Location: 414 E. Main Street DeWitt, MI
Phone: (517) 669-9131
Fax: (517) 669-9018
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency(Outside of Clinton County): (989) 224-6792 

Meet the Officers

Chief Bruce Ferguson

Chief Bruce Ferguson received the appointment to serve as the Chief of Police of the DeWitt Police Department in February of 2013. Prior to this appointment, Chief Ferguson served the Lansing Police Department for 25 years, serving the last 10 years as a Lieutenant. Chief Ferguson graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University and has been a DeWitt resident since 1987.

The Chief of Police, under the general supervision of the Mayor of the City of DeWitt, is responsible for providing quality police service to the citizens of DeWitt. This includes the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and budgeting of the department.

The Chief of Police determines the Department’s overall mission, as well as its long and short-term goals and objectives. This includes routine preventative patrol, criminal investigation, and enforcement of all State and local traffic and criminal laws, as well as a number of other City Ordinances.

Sergeant Curtis

Meet Sergeant Bryan Curtis, a highly experienced and dedicated law enforcement professional. With a Bachelor of Science degree earned from Ferris State University, Sergeant Curtis has a solid educational foundation to complement his extensive practical experience. For over 25 years, he has been serving tirelessly in the field, making a positive impact on the communities he has worked in.

Currently, Sergeant Curtis also serves on the Clinton County Marine Patrol, showcasing his versatility and dedication to serving in various capacities within law enforcement. He has previously served as a police lieutenant at the Lansing Police Department, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to public safety.

Sergeant Bryan Curtis’s wealth of experience, combined with his friendly nature and commitment to our community’s safety, makes him a respected and trusted leader within the law enforcement community. His dedication and creative problem-solving skills make him an invaluable asset to any team he is a part of.

Officer Roster




Mike Nunham #394

Sharon Worthington #390

Phil Bailey #393

Wayne Umholtz #3911

Jeremy Hamilton #397

Derreck Schaberg #398

Kayla Klug
Administrative Assistant
FOIA Coordinator

RAVE + Smart 911

What is Rave Alert?

Public safety officials in Clinton County are excited to announce that RAVE Alert is now available to all residents. RAVE Alert is a free service that allows individuals to sign up for notifications sent from state and local authorities. Alert keeps residents and travelers informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic and other emergencies.

RAVE Alert enables residents and travelers to Clinton County to sign up for free at Get RAVE to receive timely and actionable emergency alerts via email, text or voice message on their cell phones. They can also identify when and how they are alerted and communicated with before, during, and after emergencies.

Why should I sign up?

When emergencies happen, be the first to know.  Clinton County will use RAVE Alert to send official, real-time alerts to the public with information about potentially life-saving actions they may need to take to keep themselves and their families safe. By signing up for RAVE Alert, you are taking a large step toward improving your personal safety.  Residents are encouraged to sign up for Rave Alert here.

Smart 911

Smart911 is a comprehensive software program that facilitates data and communications in the event of a 9-1-1 call. With Smart911, Michiganders can create an extensive online profile, which displays to dispatchers when a 9-1-1 call is made. Critical information such as home address, bedroom location, pet information, medical details and whether households include people with dementia or children with autism can all be provided and can improve response. ​ ​Residents are encouraged to create free Safety Profiles on, a secure information platform that instantly tells 9-1-1 dispatchers vital information that can assist in an emergency. When an individual dials 9-1-1, their completed Safety Profile will automatically display. It is important to note that Smart 911 is now a statewide deployment, so it can be a helpful resource when traveling anywhere in the State of Michigan, not solely in the County in which residents reside.

City Parking Policy

The following parking laws are in place within the City boundaries:

  • No parking on any street in the City of DeWitt from 2 am – 6 am
  • No double-parking
  • No parking on a sidewalk, crosswalk, or within an intersection
  • No parking in front of a driveway
  • No parking shall obstruct traffic
  • You must park at the prescribed angle
  • No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • No parking within 30 feet of a stop sign
  • No parking in a posted no-parking zone
  • No parking facing oncoming traffic (left wheel to curb)
  • No parking in the front yard, or on a corner lot in the front or side yard

Parking fines are $10 and must be paid within 5 business days.
Payment is accepted in person or online. To pay for tickets online click here.

Police Services

Our Police Department is proud to provide these services to the DeWitt community:


This service is available to DeWitt City residents only between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Police Reports

Copies of approved reports are available for a fee. You may request the report in person, over the phone or by emailing us the FOIA request using the FOIA request form under forms

Property Checks

The Police Department will conduct periodic checks of your home while you are away for an extended period of time. Prior to your departure, print and complete the Property Check Request form (PDF). The form may be emailed to the Police Department faxed to 517-669-6583, or dropped off at the administrative office during regular business hours. There is no charge for this service.

Purchase Permits / Handgun Registrations

Handgun Registration
City residents who have purchased a handgun may register the weapon by turning in the Pistol Sales Record to the Police Department. This weapon is not required to be inspected by a law enforcement agency.

Pistol Purchase Permits
This service is available to City residents only, 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays. Purchase permits are issued for private sales to non-Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holding residents.

A CPL holder, purchasing a handgun via a private sale, must use the Michigan State Police (MSP) RI-60 Pistol Sales Record Form

There is no charge for these services.

Accident Reports
Accident report requests can be obtained online through LexisNexis® BuyCrash or Michigan State Police


Drug Collection

Bring your expired, unused pill, tablet, or capsule drugs to the City of DeWitt Police Department for proper disposal. NO inhalers, patches, or injectables (sharps). NO empty containers. NO leaking liquids. ACCEPTABLE: tablets, pills, or capsules must be brought in their original bottle (please black out personal information) and placed into the secure collection bin during office hours. Our red collection bin is located in the Community Room corridor.

Need-to-know Ordinances

The City of DeWitt has compiled a number of need-to-know ordinances for residents and visitors. These ordinances are enforced by the City of DeWitt Police Department.

This is not an all-encompassing list of City ordinances. View the City of DeWitt City Code to see all ordinances.

Weeds and Grass (section 70-123)
Weeds and grass are not to exceed 8 inches in height in the city. Exceptions include areas not within subdivisions, except areas of land within 50 feet of any lot line of a platted subdivision or the property line of any parcel upon which there is a dwelling, street, road, or highway right-of-way. Violation of this ordinance is a municipal civil infraction.

Sidewalks (section 58-32)
No person shall permit any snow or ice to remain on any sidewalk abutting or adjacent to any property owned or occupied by that person for more than 24 hours after the snow or ice has fallen or formed. Violation of this ordinance is a municipal civil infraction.

Front Yard Parking (section 62-38)
No person shall park a motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft in a front yard within a residential district of the city, nor on any sidewalk.

A “front yard” for the purpose of this section means that part of a lot, other than a driveway, between the curb or the street line and the front line of the main building on the lot, and for a corner lot, shall include the part of the lot between the side of the building and the curb or the street line.

Vehicles may be parked temporarily in the front yard when loading and unloading, or pursuant to a handicapper permit issued for that purpose.

Abandoned Junk Vehicles (section 30-37)
No person shall store, maintain, keep or authorize or permit the storage, maintenance, or keeping of any abandoned or junk motor vehicle, or motor vehicle parts, on private property under his or her ownership, tenancy, or control. Any motor vehicle which, for a period of 10 consecutive days or more, does not have an engine in running condition, four inflated tires, a battery, and current license plates, or which is in fact abandoned by its owner or which is not operable shall be deemed to be an abandoned or junk motor vehicle under this section. Violation of this ordinance is a Municipal Civil Infraction.

Parking Between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.
No person shall leave any vehicle parked upon any city street between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Amend. of 6-9-2003 (2)).

Loud Stereo Ordinance (section 30-39)
Playing or amplifying any radio, phonograph, stereo, tape or disc player, or musical instrument indoors, out of doors, or in any vehicle in such a manner or with such volume so as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort, or repose of persons.

A municipal civil infraction citation is a written complaint or notice prepared by an authorized city official, directing a person to appear in court regarding the occurrence or existence of a municipal civil infraction violation by the person cited.

A municipal civil infraction violation notice is a written notice prepared by an authorized city official, directing a person to appear at the city municipal civil infractions bureau and to pay the fines and costs, if any, prescribed for the violation by the schedule of civil fines adopted by the city.

The bureau is located at city hall, 414 E. Main Street, and shall be under the supervision and control of the city treasurer.

  • Police officers
  • Building inspectors
  • City administrator
  • Development official
  • Fire chief

Types of Municipal Civil Infraction Violations and Associated Fees

Description 1st Violation 1st Repeat Violation 2nd or Subsequent Violation
Municipal standards $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Cabarets $ 125.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Special Events $ 100.00 $ 200.00 $ 500.00
Animals $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 75.00
State Construction Code $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Property Maintenance Code $ 50.00 $ 125.00 $ 500.00
Numbering of residences and buildings $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 75.00
Business Registration $ 250.00 $ 350.00 $ 500.00
Peddlers/Solicitors $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Cemeteries $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Nuisances $ 150.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00
Nuisances (30-36) $ 150.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00
Nuisances (30-39) $ 50.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00
Fire Prevention Code $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Burning $ 50.00 $ 100.00 $ 50.00
Division of unplatted land $ 500.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Residential refuse collection $ 50.00 $ 150.00 $ 500.00
Playing in streets $ 50.00 $ 150.00 $ 500.00
Sidewalks $ 50.00 $ 150.00 $ 500.00
Stopping, Standing & Parking $ 150.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00
Bicycle license $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 75.00
Water supply system $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Water, sanitary sewer and storm drain extensions $ 350.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Trees $ 250.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Weeds/grass $ 125.00 $ 250.00 $ 500.00
Zoning $ 250.00 $ 500.00 $ 500.00

Police Submit a Tip

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Time of the incident
Max. file size: 256 MB.

Police Department History

DeWitt hired its first law enforcement official, a Village Marshall, in 1929. The descendants of most past Marshalls are still living in or around the community. The DeWitt Police Department began providing service on October 7, 1964. Charles Anderson was the first Chief of Police hired. He was succeeded by Chief Elden Smith, followed by Chief Wendell Myers. Myers first served as an officer before serving as Chief of Police for over 20 years. During his tenure, the department grew to the present authorized staffing level of seven full-time and three part-time officers, including the Chief and a sergeant’s position, as well as a full-time secretary. Chief Myers retired in January 1997. In August 1997 Chief Robert McClean was hired. Chief McClean retired in January 2004 and was succeeded by Chief Larry Jerue. Chief Larry Jerue retired in January 2013 and was succeeded by Chief Bruce Ferguson.

Village Marshalls (1929-1963)

M. Hiatt Jr.
H. Tingay
L. Risdale
R. Kiebler
R. McCarthy
R. Harter
J. Lyons Sr.
B. Wilcox

Police Chiefs (1964-current)

Charles Anderson
Elden Smith
Wendell D. Myers
Robert McClean
Larry Jerue
Bruce Ferguson (Current Chief)