City of Dewitt

Downtown Development Authority (DDA)


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) consists of nine members, some of whom are residents of the DDA district and others who are owners of businesses in the district. Meetings begin at 12:00 PM on the second Tuesday of every other month. The mayor represents the City Council on the DDA. The DDA is responsible for:

  • Acting as the planning body for future development in the DDA district.
  • Overseeing the expense of funds collected by the Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) district.
  • Developing plans for marketing the downtown and its businesses.

For more information visit the DDA website

Board Members

  • Corey Rees
  • Sheryl Landgraf
  • Sue Leeming, Mayor
  • Alex Crippen
  • Joel Dillingham
  • Andy Joslyn
  • Christie Callahan
  • Emmie Musser
  • Cathy Mitchell